C.L.M. today (company profile)

Basically, today, C.L.M. works for third parties. Some important Customers are important brands of the famous “made in Italy” (the Marches are among the major silversmith districts in Italy), while other Buyers are large foreign silversmiths; smaller requests, on the other hand, come from small workshops, and a large and constantly updated catalog of products is always ready for them.

The significant operative experience gained during the long activity, the availability of equipment, the skill of the staff, which is always carefully selected, but also an extensive knowledge of major industry players, all allow C.L.M. to meet any type of claim its Buyers make.

Companies wishing to make large runs are assisted from concept and design of the model until the completion of the mould (typically for plastic deformation) and any other equipment necessary for production.

All processing steps, including any additional special finishes, are usually carried out in-house; in case of requests relating to particular works outside its own competence, C.L.M. assists and supports its Customers, addressing them in multiple directions, always in search for the best possible quality of the finished products.