History (company profile)

C.L.M. was founded in 1987 as a small workshop mainly focusing on restoration and polishing of copper, brass and silver antiques and artefacts. Its activity goes on until a Company, a leader in the field of silver and silver plating, sends a small production of series for polishing: a partnership is established which immediately proves to be profitable, and marks a fundamental shift for C.L.M., which definitively abandons the working of brass. Meanwhile, thanks to its crafts, C.L.M. starts to get trust by the most qualified Companies in the industry, engaged in the production of silver and resin-supported silver plates.

Another decisive step takes place in 1995, when, having the objective of being able to perform, for its Clients, not only the polishing but also the coating of products, C.L.M. rents a warehouse of 300 square meters. It can be said that in that period the transformation from the “workshop” to a real Company begins: they buy a line of automatic degreasing and a pressurized cabin for painting, which prove to be the only ones installed in the entire district.

The advent of silver bilaminate brings to an increase in the quantities to be produced, as well as the need for increasingly rapid redelivery, and a careful analysis of market forces C.L.M. to grow: today, the production area is spread over about 1300 square meters, the offer is focused and specialized in the processing of bilaminate and, thanks to automation of processes, the received goods are returned within 48 hours, with the double assurance of a high standard quality and extremely competitive prices.

The successful combination that has been developed between craft and technology can now count, among its clients, the most important brands in the business.