Silver bilaminate and C.L.M.

Silver is used in the “classic” production of jewelry (as is the case for gold) as well as paintings and frames. An innovative production technology provides that precious metals are coupled to a non-noble metal or otherwise to a support. Bilaminate silver, for example, is a thin layer of pure silver coupled to a more robust aluminum base (by means of special resins).

C.L.M., in the market for over 20 years, specializes in the production of bilaminate sheets with precious metals and particularly in the moulding of plaques in bilaminate silver, and is among the fewer Companies, nationwide, which have been able to industrialize and automate procedures, historically handicraft, for the artistic working of the bilaminate, while retaining a very high level of quality that is the inalienable prerogative of traditional manufacturing. The experience gained from C.L.M. over the years has yielded excellent results with aluminum and brass, too.

Obviously, special attention has always been paid to the moulding of the sheet of silver: although it is now only a limited part of the production, profitable and enduring partnerships with some of the most important Companies working in the same field show that our work is performed with great professionalism and precision, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Development of innovative moulding techniques, constant research for new finishes, compact processing times, extremely competitive prices and quality: here are the ingredients that C.L.M. combines to offer its Clients products both extremely rewarding from the point of view of the technology and winning from the point of view of design.