Available finishings

C.L.M. can perform any type of finishing, according to the Customer's requirements.

The polishing is performed within the Company, where experienced staff can work both with fully automatic machines and with more traditional equipment which allow to preserve the traditional craft skills of the silversmith sector in our district (one of the most important ones in Italy).
This finishing, be it traditional or mirror, aims at clearing the item from any marks, while keeping all the typical brightness of silver.

The processes of sandblasting and glossing, alternative to each other, are particular finishings that aim to create a colour contrast, resulting in one or more opaque areas on a surface initially showing clear. At first, all the parts to stay glossy have to be protected by covering; immediately afterwards, in sandblasting the item is blasted, by means of an automatic procedure, by glass microspheres sized 40÷70 microns, which leave a series of micro-points on the surface, while the gloss finish, obtained by using 3M extra-fine Scotch Brite®, creates a series of thin lines all very close to each other.

Gold plating is a hand-made process which allows to highlight some details of the subject. Such finishing can be achieved by using the electroplating technique, i.e. applying gold by means of a galvanic pen: in this case, it precedes the step of coating, which ensures a better and more durable protection. On the other hand, when gilding is obtained by painting, the step is taken after coating, and no further painting is required.

In addition to the above processes, C.L.M. can perform special complementary finishes such as silk-screen printing, hand decoration with coloured enamels, and application of rhinestones on the items.